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Light Transformations is for anyone who wishes to have more light in her/his life. It is also for anyone who wants more personal power.

Would you like to learn the following skills:

Awareness of your own thoughts and how they create your personal reality

Being able to change your thought patterns to create a different reality

Discovering disempowering beliefs which you didn't even know you had

Releasing these beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs

Learning to see a difficult situation from different viewpoints, thereby gaining empowering choices

Learning to recognize disempowering anchors, associations which hook you and take you to certain emotions without your conscious knowledge

Learning to anchor yourself to feel empowered in any situation

Create the life you want.

Please use these pages as a source of information.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of any help or
can refer you to another practitioner.

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All music by Tommi Sirkia

Master Practitioner of NLP

Master Life Coach

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Time Line Therapist and Hypnotist

Advanced DNA/Theta Healer

Level II Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Giver

Reiki Master